About Me

Hi, I’m the Paper Book Princess and welcome to my little book corner… and then some. I am a current MLIS student and truth be told, I have no interest in anything beyond the level of what my six-year-old is currently reading, minus a few Young Adult novels here and there. That doesn’t mean I don’t read or understand anything else. 😉

I live in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona and am married to a soon-to-be pharmacist where we happily get on discussing topics like boogers and poop with our almost first grader, comfortably explaining them like only a future doctor and librarian can. At the same time, we have passed down a love of gardens, art, and music to our son and enjoy spending time with all of our extended family and friends. Being married to a pharmacist also helps, as I am a chronic pain warrior and migraineur.

My real love lives in the hearts of children. I won’t lie and tell you it’s candy drops and lollypops all of the time because there is definitely a certain type of hell that you have to be prepared for when it comes to loving children. I would say I was cut from a cloth that was made to withstand a lot, but not everything, which is why I am not a teacher. I left a lot of battles out there for the true warriors of our time; but I am definitely here to help win the war on literacy (something our society needs)!

I’ve been around children since the day I was born. My mother ran a daycare in order to raise myself and my three brothers at home, after the end of her 12-year air force career. She then taught preschool for another 12 years or so, all the while working on her bachelor’s degree in special education. I believe to this date, she’s less than ten credits from said bachelor’s degree, but finally threw in that towel only to continue her self-education through Google and is the smartest person I know (after my husband).

I have worked in the public schools as a first-grade aide and discovered I am the worst at discipline, and wouldn’t you know I still am as a mother. I then moved into Title I where I dealt with children and families with significant emotional struggles, skill deficiencies, learning disabilities, and socio-economic disenfranchisement. After finishing my Associates in Education and then Bachelors in English, I began my master’s in library sciences.

When they asked me what area of library science I was interested in, there was never any question— I want to work with children and their families. I’d like to be a public servant. But not the lying skiving kind you read about on the news. 😉 I believe the public library truly is one of society’s greatest resources and treasures rolled into one. I never made enough use of it as a child, a young student, or as a young mother. I’d like to change that for future generations. I have always been aware how important multicultural literature is for children through my own mother, but only since becoming a mother myself did I learn what a dire need there truly is for multicultural and inclusive literature in the children’s book world for ALL children. Through this blog I want to share some of the gems I’ve come across.

Now, in my 30’s, for the first time in my life I stay home with my son and watch my curious 18-month-old niece, where we partake in many local library program services and I get to concentrate on my online library studies. I plan to write about my new experiences in the library as a student and a mom. Also, I currently have $25 (and counting) in late fees to my local library. =/ Such is life.

I guess this wouldn’t be a personal blog without a few personal pictures:

My Family at Graduation
My Paper Bag Prince
My Family at the Doc’s White Coat Ceremony
My Dragon, Lizzy